unfair, illogical and unreasonable

Those three words were used by John Steele QC to describe the Gordon Brown’s “eco-town” policy.  As I long time supporter of the BARD Campaign I read with interest the latest stumbling block for New Labour’s forced destruction of rural communities:

The Telegraph – Gordon Brown’s controversial eco-town plan could be unlawful, according to top QCs

Unfortunately, as so frequently happens, the Government has ignored the sensible advice from learned independent bodies and has come out on the offensive. As can be seen in the words of Cllr Margaret Eaton, Chairman of the Local Government Association, who said:

“Eco-towns can help the country tackle the twin challenges of the housing shortage and climate change.

“We need to build more homes that are environmentally sound, in areas with good transport links and alongside the public services which are needed to create places where people want to live.”

This is a brilliant example of “Do what we say or you’re an evil, elitest, environment hater” which handily completely ignores that fact that most of tehse proposed “Eco-towns” do not have good transport links (actually know the local Stratford area or see the BARD Campaign for further details) and have limited employment opportunities locally, whilst developing sites which are currently brown/green-belt land and rural communities.  I’m no urban planner, but no easy transport, no jobs, and the destruction of rural habitats doesn’t sound that “ECO” to me!

Don’t forget that so far the Government has spent more than £3 million on the eco-town suicide mission, without a single home being built (The Telegraph – Eco-towns bill soars to more than £3 million before a house is built).  With over a third of that money being spent on PR exercise and websites to try and con the public into believing this is a valuable plan!

Earlier this year Labour’s own back-benchers strongly criticised Hazel Blear’s inappropriately named Department for Communities and Local Government, stating that it lacked the skills necissary to put vital policies into operation!  They went so far as to say that:

“The eco-town programme, even if successful, will make no huge contribution to the very significant problem of housing supply which is, rightly, one of the department’s top priorities.” – BBC News – MPs criticise housing department

So with that condemnation rining in their ears it is time for you to add your own voice.  The deadline for “Middle Quinton” has been extended to the end of this month (BBC News – More time for eco-town plan views) so write to your MP, and visit the BARD Campaign website to find how else you can get involved!

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