Going American

I decided this weekend to break another “British” taboo. In breach of Tony Blair’s code, I decided to learn how to fire a handgun.

Now, as anyone who has spoken with me previously about gun control will know, I feel America needs to tighten up restrictions and introduce better legislation regarding gun control.  That being said, however, having been coached this weekend and fired almost 70 rounds of 9mm ammunition through a Glock at a friendly gun club I realise that not all gun owners are crazy, and that knee jerk reactions as we’ve seen in the UK are not always the best answer.  Regardless of how my opinion may sway in the future, this is how I looked on Saturday afternoon!

Home,home on the range!
Home,home on the range!

Very special thanks to Krysta for the training, loan of guns, and taking a photo that makes me look competant!


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