G20 and Selective Media

As new footage is released of a woman protester at the G20 marches in London being “slapped” and “hit on the legs” by an “unidentified” policeman I wince as I can hear the media gears start to spin on the next “Bash the police” story.

I’ve watched the footage courtesy of The Telegraph and have the following comments:

  • Is the force used excessive?  I’ll let the review board decide, but the “slap” looked more like an open handed wave of “get back” that inadvertantly connected.
  • Why are the collar numbers covered?  If I was doing that duty I’d want my numbers covered.  The violent groups involved are known to hunt down people the dislike (Huntingdon Life Sciences employees and contractors know this all to well) and I have to wear my collar number every day.  So if I have to confront you on the streets today, when you’re hidden in your hoodie and hat to avoid identification I want to make sure I’m just as identifiable so you don’t trash my car or worry my kids later.
  • The baton strikes. Again is this excessive force? The police are trained where they can and cannot hit, the officer knew there were cameras around, and so we can assume he knew his actions would be noticed.  He offered a warning and when it was ignored he took the action he had warned would occur.

My easy answer is this, if you don’t want to get into a scuffle with the Police don’t stand in the front line of a group of thugs jostling and threatening them.

Why does the wet liberal hand wringing brigade in power in Britain today seem intent on staring at the small incidents, and not the bigger question of organised violent groups trying to (and failing due to a stunning lack of support) cripple the banking center of London.  I guess these stories have to roll their course as the various anarchic and violent groups try to recover some positive PR from their failed event.

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