The final hesitation – RIP Sir Clement Freud

Another voice I recall so well from my childhood has passed away, Sir Clement Freud has died.

For me he was a slow but firm voice on the BBC Radio 4 comedy panel game “Just A Minute” where he was a regular appearance.  His educated, steady, and confident delivery was like an ice breaker pressing on through a sea of interruptions for deviation, repetition, or hesitation.  I respected him greatly for there are very few who can trip up Stephen Fry for diction and use of the English language!

On this show alone his career spread decades, appearing alongside comic noteworthys such as the aforementioned Mr Fry, Kenneth Williams, and the presenter Nicholas Parsons.  Beyond this he was a writer, journalist, Liberal MP, and one of those rare few who can be described as a raconteur and actually fill the word’s large boots to excess.

He will be sorely missed, thanks for the laughs.


One comment

  1. Terry Pears · April 17, 2009

    I love how he called his wife his “first wife” just to keep her on her toes!

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