Messing with time

The stupidity of the incumbent British Government knows no bounds, and today they’ve made two great leaps towards further idiocy!

First off, a quick pet peve of mine.  Speed doesn’t kill, reckless driving kills.  Even the government’s own statistics show that excessive speed plays an active part in less than 5% of injury causing accidents (See here for details and DfT facts).  So, lets slow down all our A roads shall we: The Telegraph – A-road speed limits to be reduced to 50mph Wow, they’l cut a third of road deaths by changing a rule that according to their own data only impacts one twentieth of accidents.  I’m pretty sure 5% is less than 33.3%! Could it be that Gordon Brown and the Labour massive are actually just realising that all the speed camera revenue is dropping as people figure where the cameras are, but by randomly changing speed limits around the country they can create some more revenue!  I hear the pennies jingling!

Next up, TIME!

The Telegraph – Putting clocks forward two hours in summer ‘would save hundreds of lives’

Yes, not happy with ruining Great Britain PLC. they’ve decided to target time now.  As you know all time is calculated from the Prime Meridian in Greenwich, England. So the crazy scheme is to have Britain operate between 1 and 2 hrs ahead of the Prime Meridian, again to save lives!!!  As the official report claimed:

A move to “double summertime” would also yield benefits including energy savings from lighter evenings, more opportunities for sport and leisure and a boost to British business from being permanently aligned with other western European nations.

So let me show you the times that the sun rises and sets at:





Current Rules


Current Rules Sunset

Nu Labour Wacky Time Sunrise

Nu Labour Wacky Time Sunset

Dec 21st 2008







June 21st 2009







As you can see the change for the average worker (assumed to be working from 9am to 5pm and commuting between 7am and 7pm) is no difference whatsoever.  Light changes very little during their main travel times, and in the winter they still commute in the dark.

However, for schoolchildren the journey to school (leaving 8am in class at 9am) is much worse in the winter, with them arriving at school in darkness!  Oh, and don’t forget that the chances of alcohol fueled violence on the streets of a Friday or Saturday night will go up in the summer as it stays light enough to cause mayhem into the wee small hours with this brilliant plan.

How idiotic is this?  They admit themselves that:

“There would be a particular impact on northern Scotland resulting from the darker mornings,” it says. There could also be “negative impacts” on areas such as agriculture and the construction industry.

What? So you can accept creating more stressful and dangerous working conditions for two major industries and a large number of people living in the north, but not worry because you’ll be okay in your state funded second homes in London!  Who cares that real people are inconvenienced by your stupidity!

At a time when Gordon Brown’s lousy Government is struggling to look like it has half a brain in the entire cabinet it is reports like this that make you wonder how crazy they really are!


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