Right at this moment

I’ve spent a lovely day with friends and family, and have come home and checked the news.  These are the stories that caught my eye:

  • New Audrey Hepburn photos found. Check this link, Audrey Hepburn is an actress who’s life and story stick in my mind.  Her eyes are truly haunting, and I cannot express the full range of emotions that this portrait carries.
  • Fighting against your homeland is addressed in this story here, to be able to see what is right in a time when so much was wrong is amazing.  Today’s G20 and IMF protesters just do not seem to understand that their petty vandalism is an insult against those that struggled against real threats in times gone by.  If you want to make the world a better place, do something real!
  • The British government face another crisis, this time they’ve screwed up education.  Read this story here and you’ll see that when the exam boards themselves say you’ve made an almighty cock up you should listen.  I grew up when A-levels were still good, but o-levels had just vanished, the scourge of BTEC and vocational diplomas was just starting, and the fall from educational grace had begun.  Now I face a world where real world experience is rated below paper qualification, and practical common sense falls before statistical average scores.  What happened to gerneal knowledge?
  • Last up, Taliban gunmen murder a couple.  When chaotic extremists can claim that a supreme power vindicates their murder of another human being, then you know something is very wrong in their minds.  Watch the video shown in this clip, this is no court, there is no sentence, this is the casual murder of a couple because they do not subscribe to a particular lifestyle.  This is not about religion, this is about human rights.  Until this kind of wrong is erased from the planet there is no freedom.  Previous generations fought and died for our freedoms, we should fight now to ensure these freedoms are not snuffed out by idiotic, petty zealots, and their medieval ways.

okay, rant over, g’night all.


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