Kate Bush – Tour of Life revisited

On the 30th anniversary of Kate’s last date at the Hammersmith Odean on the “Tour of Life” her one and only tour I’d like you to revisit the recordings from that night.  The entire show was originally filmed for release but technical difficulties meant that much of the material had to be scrapped.  From a two and a half hour show less than one hour could be salvaged for later video release.

Listening to the audio of the show I’m amazed at how it still sounds so bright and fresh.  Kate’s unique vocal talent still sounds sparkling and exciting even after 30 years of vocoders, digital effects, and other studio magic.  Hearing her tackle such complex tunes as Wuthering Heights, or the galloping speed of Violin makes one appreciate that she can back up the studio work with a real, live, performance that knocks your socks off!

So to get you started, here is Kate Bush performing Strange Phenomena at the Hammersmith Odeon in 1979.

Following that up we have the camp costumed but vocally exciting James & the cold gun.  The set screams that this is the 1970s, but even Kate seems surprised at some of the sounds she is making…


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