McCann Erickson – world class stupidity

In a move fitting of the stupidity we’re used to seeing from the World Class Stratford muppets, the Government created Advantage West Midlands have managed to create and air a commercial for Stratford-upon-Avon that was filmed not just in a different town, but in a different county!

Advantage West Midlands enlisted the advertising skills, and geographic idiocy, of McCann Erickson, a global (read expensive) advertising agency whose clients include Sony, Shreddies, Staples, Mr Kipling, and Heinz.  As their hip and thrusting website suggests, this is a firm that is going places.

Unfortunately where they are going is to the bank with £140,000 of tax payers’ money that they were paid to make a commercial about Stratford-upon-Avon.  Now some of you may already know Stratford, birthplace of William Shakespeare, a historic market town in the south of Warwickshire.  Again unfortunately McCann Erickson do not appear to know Stratford, and so filmed a very nice advert in the grounds of Stokesay Castle, near Ludlow, in Shropshire – 66 miles and two counties away.  They did manage to open with a shot of Holy Trinity which is in Stratford, but they then seem to have wandered off the plot considerably.

Unfortunately neither McCann “Where are we?” Erickson or (Dis)Advantage West Midlands feature this debacle on their website, and it doesn’t appear to be on YouTube either, but if you can find a link please post it in the comments.  Oh, and if you represent McCann Erickson or Advantage West Midlands, please contact me to let me know when the money gets refunded!  I’d love to post about your efforts to correct this piece of location selection idiocy.

For more details see The Telegraph – Stratford-upon-Avon tourism advert filmed 60 miles away


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