Middle Quinton’s unsupported claims

Looks like St Modwen and The Bird Group of Companies have been at it again, stretching the truth about the poorly planned Middle Quinton “eco-town” site (BBC News – Eco town advert misled public).  This time their fanciful marketing has been dragged before the Advertising Standards Authority.

In a local press advert St Modwen and The Bird Group claimed:

the town would create 4,700 jobs and 6,000 homes.

However the ASA decided these numbers were unsubstantiated, and the advert must never be rerun until supporting evidence for these claims can be provided.

In addition the ASA objected to the developers describing the site as “brownfield”, which implies unused land normally reclaimed from previous development, when in fact the development plan includes  agricultural land, rivers, and woodland.

I’m not surprised though, the entire plan has been sold under false pretences from the start, and as the BARD campaign continues to grow in voice it seems inevitable that this short-sighted and poorly planned development is doomed to fail!

It is a shame that the government has failed to perform a U-turn on this ridiculous eco-sham.  I wouldn’t expect anything intelligent from the Department of Communities and Local Government right now though, especially with Hazel Blears facing a vote of no confidence from her own constituency party (Manchester Evening News) due to the continuing fallot from her mis-use of MP’s expenses!


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