I love a good thunderstorm and remember many an afternoon as a lad standing with my dad and brother in the greenhouse watching the lightening play across the Studley skyline.  Eventually we decided standing in a glass and metal box surrounded by trees wasn’t the smartest move and so watched from the doorways instead, but the excitement never wained.

Virginia has some very impressive thunderstorms, with the combination of hot and humid from the south and cool air blowing from the great lakes down over the Appalachian mountains making ideal conditions for impressive summer storms.

Today was one of those days and with the forecasters predicting a large slow moving storm I ran from my last meeting of the day and raced for home.  My intention was to get the car parked and covered, and the cat snuggled, before the first raindrop fell.  Unfortunately Mother Nature knows a trick or two and the storm blew in with impressive speed.  As I pulled on to the Fairfax County Parkway the sky looked ominously like this:
The storm approaching

As I journeyed home the lightening crashed around me and very soon the heavy raindrops were bouncing off my fiberglass.  Thankfully I didn’t see any of the penny sized hail being talked about in D.C.  I got home and the rain was abating, the storm pressing on east, and my plan in tatters… still managed to snuggle with the kitten though.

Later in the evening I looked out the window and the sky was a shocking shade of pink, with the humidity making everything shimmer.  Pretty amazing stuff…
After The Storm


2 thoughts on “Thunderstorming

  1. That was indeed a grab shot from my mobile-phone. Came out better than I expected, especially for a one handed moment whilst trying to engage first gear, we were stationary but the traffic ahead was starting to move!

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