No support for the whistle blowers

The High Courts have decided that bloggers have no right to anonymity.

I agree that in criminal cases it may be necessary to expose bloggers who have committed crimes, but when the legislation does nothing but expose a policeman trying to expose to the public the problems facing them in their every day job.

I’ve read Nightjack’s blog for a couple of years, and was shocked and concerned when it vanished.  I never read anything that seemed dangerous to police officers, or dangerous to the public.  I read many pieces that made me think of the problems facing front line officers.  His many “24 hours to solve the case” pieces were superb, and should be available today, but unfortunately due to his exposure the articles and the blog as a whole has been erased.

I hope the law makers realise that this decision gives security in one hand, but takes it away with the other.  Who will protect those that want to tell the truth?


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