Complaining about F1 on Fox again

Yet again I find myself sat on a Sunday morning excited for the 2009 Formula 1 Grand Prix from Germany, and yet again the schedulers at Fox TV have decided to bring their own twisted logic into play.

There are a few expected behaviours for television companies showing Formula One racing:

  1. Live is better than time delayed.
  2. If you want to schedule for a better “local” viewing time, then races start at 1pm.
  3. If you schedule a “local” time, also show the race live for the real fans!
  4. Don’t cut to commercials in the last third of the race.
  5. Don’t let the regular commentator talk over the motorsport specialists.
  6. Pre-race is important, show the pre-race walk of the grid.
  7. Post-race is important, show the interviews in full.

Unfortunately, I don’t think Fox got that memo.

Today’s German Grand Prix is showing at 3pm EST on Fox (Channel 5 for those with Cox Cable).  There was no live broadcast of the race, and they couldn’t even fit it in at a more reasonable start time of 1pm because they need to show a rerun of Monk!

So come on BBC Worldwide, pull yer finger out and get the iPlayer working for everyone.  I’d have paid to watch this morning’s race live via the BBC, and after a quick poll of both expats and American F1 fans I’m not the only one who’d shell out to alleviate the annoyance of Fox’s poor scheduling and badly timed commercial breaks.


One thought on “Complaining about F1 on Fox again

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