St Modwen and the changing numbers

As mentioned in my previous post St Modwen don’t seem to know how many homes they had hoped to build on the failed eco-town site of Middle Quinton.  John Dodd, the Midlands regional director claimed only 500 homes were planned, but the Middle Quinton website developed and maintained by St Modwen and The Bird Group claimed 6000 homes were on the agenda.

So to clear up this confusion I have sent them the following email via the feedback portion of their website:

In your most recent press release John Dodd said:
“there appears to be some suspicion over the number of houses we are proposing. We can confirm that this planning application is for no more than 500 houses and the leisure/employment aspects of the site included within our application do not allow for more dense housing numbers.”

Could this be because on your Middle Quinton website you include this information:

” Who is going to buy the houses? Where are people going to come from?

2,000 homes will be affordable as defined by the local authorities (who have over 13,000 residents on their affordable lists). The other 4,000 will be built over a period of 12 or 15s year so we expect most people to come from the surrounding local areas. ”

I think Mr Dodd will find 6000 to be a greater number than 500.  Since St Modwen released both sets of figures can Mr Dodd explain this discrepancy?

Yours sincerely,

Ian Weddell

I wonder what response I’ll get!



  1. adc2 · September 10, 2009

    I must say I’d be surprised if you got any. St Modwen are notoriously sloppy when it comes to PR.

    It’s been 2 months since your post. Any feedback from them?

  2. bardsworld · September 10, 2009

    Unsurprisingly there was absolutely no response from St Modwen. With the deselection of the site, for at least the moment, I doubt I’ll hear anything.

    One does now wonder what will be done with the former military base, and whether any of the promises of infrastructure improvement for the existing local villages will be made now the green gleam of the development has gone.

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