Firefox memory leaks and Vimeo

Firefox 3.5.x Memory Issues

So I’m blogging in Google’s Chrome browser tonight.  For whatever reason the latest version of Firefox seems to consume memory at an alarming rate.  On my work, and desktop systems this isn’t an issue as they have oodles of RAM and powerful processors to cope with any load issues, but of an evening I like to relax with the netbook, and it’s tiny Atom processor and limited memory means that with Mozilla’s latest version it struggles with multiple tabs, and even starting a fresh instance and just opening WordPress up lead to the keyboard response slowing to a point where I’d finish a word and wait ten seconds for it to complete.  This is a big problem when the word was just 8 characters long!


So here I sit with Chrome showing me adverts I never new existed with Firefox’s ad-blocking capabilities, and wondering what to do.  In the background I’ve decided that the PS3s fascination with YouTube is an abysmal waste of time, and instead I’m watching the HD channel on Vimeo.  If you’re not on Vimeo and enjoy more indie film and less low grade footage, give it a try, and look me up because you know what the user name will be 😉

Now the PS3 browser plays very nicely with the Vimeo site, and streams beautiful footage to my HD tv.  Better still, the HD channel seems to contain a very eclectic mix of beautiful music and wonderful HD videos that make a mesmerising backdrop to this disjointed blogging.  (Current track is the magical “Sleep” by a London based singer-songwriter Ethav)


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