Picking the First Train Home

One of the joys of the digital age is that anyone with a dash of creativity, a splash of technical know-how, and a pinch of geek gear can create their own media content and share it with the world.  Now this normally takes the form of mildly entertaining videos of cats in boxes, or clips from popular television shows, and this is all well and good, but sometimes things get even better.

Take for example the wonderful musical artist Imogen Heap, with three fabulous albums out in the wild, and a successful US tour just completed she has considerable support from her record label, including their design knowledge when it comes to making a video for her single First Train Home.

However, in this glorious digital age, if an artist reckons they can do better, then there is nothing stopping them.  So, for your enjoyment Ms Heap has provided First Train Home (Immi’s Party Version).


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