A few firsts

Continuing the musical theme from my last post we’re onto another music list.  In the last days of the naughties my MP3 player died, so while waiting for the replacement to arrive I’ve been listening to a variety of old tapes on my daily commute (The car was built in 1989 and still has the original radio/cassette deck in good working order).  Listening to mix-tapes painstakingly recorded from the radio in 1991 made me think about the various firsts in music I’ve experienced over the years… so for your entertainment, and potentially my own humiliation.

  • First Music Purchase – The Smurf Song – Father Abraham and the Smurfs
    • What can I say, it was 1977 and I was young!  I’ve still got the single though, and it is still playable.
  • First Cassette – Kings of the Wild Frontier – Adam & The Ants
    • There were possibly others before this, but this is the first one I really remember buying. It was post punk new romantics with huge drum beats and screamed lyrics so what more could you ask for?  Stand & Deliver is still one of my all time favourite songs.
  • First CD  – Unforgettable…with love – Natalie Cole
    • I’d heard about this album on the radio, and wanted it enough that I bought the CD 3  days before I bought a CD player.
  • First Dodgy Download – 6 Underground – The Sneaker Pimps
    • Trip hop and the Bristol sound appealed to me as I entered my twenties, the realisation I could try out a song before buying it appealed to my fickle tastes then as now, and after a few days of listening I went and bought a legitimate copy of this track.
  • First Online Purchase – Reasons to be Cheerful (The best of) – Ian Dury and the Blockheads
    • Ian Dury had lost his battle with liver cancer 27 March 2000.  I’d heard his music throughout my childhood and had bought  Mr Lovepants after seeing him with The Blockheads on Jools Holland’s “Later…”.  Having watched a retrospective of his life I wanted some of the earlier works and Amazon.co.uk was there to deliver.
  • First payed for MP3 Download – Godfodder – Ned’s Atomic Dustbin
    • Early 2008 and I’m living in the US of A.  I’ve been going through my musical youth and revisiting artists I’d liked on the radio but never purchased a whole lot of.  Having rediscovered my love for Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, and Blur, I came across The Wonderstuff and Ned’s Atomic Dustbin.  I’d got an MP3 player for playing tunes (via cassette adapter) in the car, so why not buy the MP3.  My dislike of Apple’s monopoly steered me clear of iTunes, and so AmazonMP3.com gave me my first two purchases, the first was GodFodder and the second was the ‘Stuffies “What if the Beatles had read Hunter…The Singles”

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