Why were they out at all

Two rants about “justice”.

First up, the Jon Venables debacle. The Telegraph ran the headline “The Venables case has not been handled well” which must win them some kind of award for most obvious headline.  I’m still confused why he was released so soon.  Under the “Tough on Crime, Tough on the causes of Crime” Labour government he’s been granted a new identity at the tax payers expense ad then breached the conditions of his early release on numerous occasions with impunity if any of the newspaper reports are true.  I don’t believe Jack Straw is protecting Venables at all, I think the whole swirl is a case of what we refer to in the States as CYA (Covering Your Arse) because if the reasons for Venables recall to prison were released I feel Mr Straw would be facing far more difficult questions, like how come he and every other Labour Justice Minister and Home Secretary has worked so hard to protect the criminals while reducing the protection of victims.  My personal opinion is that by breaching the terms of his licence Venables has broken the contract between himself and the government.  Therefore his new identity and freedom are revoked, and the public should be notified of who and where he is, and what he is reported to have done this time, the same as any other criminal.  For those that say “but that would put his life in danger from vigilantes” I’ll reply “well he should have considered that before murdering James Bulger, or before sneaking back into Liverpool, or before taking illegal drugs, or telling his new friends who he really was, or before committing the ‘serious offense’ Jack Straw won’t tell us about!”.  Letting him continue to hide behind a state funded wall of silence is not justice.

While I’m on the topic of laws that protect the criminal and not the victim “Human rights laws stopped Home Office tracking sex offender’s emails“.  Again, this is another example of giving the criminal as many extra chances as they like while punishing the victims.  With more and more cases recently of even those behind bars managing to intimidate their victims, brag about their crimes, and even run their illegal enterprises from behind bars it is time the Government stopped chasing the small-fry MP3 pirate and invested some serious time looking at how you can protect children online from dangerous predators.  We don’t need a nanny state one size fits all solution because we’re not all criminals, we need targetted laws that monitor those who have shown that they disregard the rights and freedoms that the rest of society want to enjoy.  My personal opinion again is why was Chapman at large in the first place, and for the crimes he had previously committed I feel he has revoked his right to private communication, and should have to report all email addresses, social networking accounts, telephone numbers and addresses to the Police.  Failure to report these should result in an immediate custodial sentence, but England seems to be notoriously bad at delivering those.

While you’re thinking about all this, remember that “Prisoner re-offending costs the economy £10billion annually“.  It makes you think the current policy of soft justice just isn’t working.  Maybe the government should stop micromanaging the Police and focus on ensuring prison spaces are available and judges suitably informed to make use of them.


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