School sponsored bullying

I don’t like bullying.   I was bullied and it has had a lasting effect on me, and so when I see bullying in life, the workplace, or in the news, it tends to touch me deeply and wind me up.  So I’m infuriated by the idiotic, criminal actions of a certain Mississippi school.  If you don’t know what I’m ranting about  you can read the shocking story here:

USA Today : Miss. prom cancelled after lesbian’s prom date request

BBC News : US School cancels prom ‘over lesbian date’

Please note a couple of things about those two stories; firstly the student’s name is not hidden, they have not been granted anonymity like the criminals mentioned in my previous posts, secondly the schools response is irrational and possibly criminal.  Let us consider the options:

  1. The school could allow the prom to proceed with the student in question bringing whatever partner they like.  Some parent’s may be offended, as may some pupils, but sicne sexual orientation is a personal choice I believe the realistic response is “do what you feel is right” don’t want to see it, then stay away.
  2. The school could allow the prom to proceed but ban the one student involved. This leaves the school open to being sued by every civil liberties group on the planet, and being lambasted in most world-wide media, but has little impact on those involved.
  3. The school could cancel the prom as publicly as possible, while avoiding stating that the ban is “the student’s fault for not being of an acceptable sexual orientation” whilst also not denouncing personal choice.  This will produce much publicity, make the school and its associated county and state look archaic in the eyes of the world, whilst also alienating the student, publicizing their name and opening them up to a world of threats and bullying beyond the existing prejudices their sexual orientation opens them up to.

Why am I not surprised the school chose  option #3.  This is school sponsored bullying, making the student the target of every other student that thinks their prom night has been canceled because of this one persons lifestyle and not the schools narrow mindedness.

I think Constance McMillen has been brave to return to school, and Itawamba County Agricultural High School in Fulton owes her, and all students an apology for their mishandling of this situation.  I can’t believe this kind of prejudice and stupidity exists in the modern world.


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