Glastonbury 2010

This is 40 years of the Glastonbury Festival, and my has the folk/pop festival of 1970 grown.

I’m sat in northern Virginia watching highlights of this years festival.  Currently Damon is reminding us of his genius while Gorillaz has us fondly remembering Blur and the anthems of our youth.  Earlier La Roux performed Fascination with Glenn Gregory of Heaven 17 putting in a guest appearance and making this the best cover of an eighties classic I’ve heard in a long time.

It makes me laugh that I’m sat in my basement in northern Virginia watching this, as a teenager I lived within 10miles of arguably the largest dance music festival in Europe, the legendary Phoenix Festival, but I never went… although I confess to driving aroudn the back end of Long Marston to park on the verge and watch Bowie’s light show make the clouds glow on the drive back from Idlicote.  Looking at the huge crowds it still isn’t my idea of fun to camp in a messy field, and share toilet facilities with 100,000 of my newest friends, but I am enjoying the live sound (or at least the live sound as delivered via the highlights of the concert).  I blame my connection to the brilliant Crooked Crow for igniting this new interest in live music.  They’re playing Allentown, PA tonight and have a new CD out next week.

So I’m going to sit back, relax, and chill out to my sanitized Glastonbury experience.  No dodgy food, lousy toilets, dirt and crowds for me, just a comfy sofa, a flat screen, and a suitablely chilled beverage.

So join me at the civilised festival, and enjoy Gorillaz “Stylo” courtesy of the BBC.


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