European Grand Prix 2010 and Fox TV

I’ve moaned before about Fox TVs inability to schedule Formula 1 motorsport in a reasonable manner.  Looks like they’ve done it again…

For those wondering, the European Grand Prix will be aired as follows:

  • on Fox and not Speed TV.
  • at 12 Noon, and not either live or at a more traditional 1pm.
  • clashing with the end of the England vs Germany world cup knockout game, which since most F1 fans are expats from Europe, and this is a world cup grudge match of two well known European nations I’d expect a small dent in viewing figures!
  • with continual distractions and animated pools of vomit across the lower third of the screen for Fox shows you don’t want to watch, which will invariably obscure the telemetry or driver information at a critical moment.

So all I need to do now is avoid all media sources until noon…


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