I’m proud of the BBC, and Mitch Benn

As an expat there are many things you’ll not miss, the high fuel prices, the speed cameras, the invasions of privacy of the Blair/Brown years, but then there are some things I think every expat can agree on because there is always something about the BBC that we loved.  I took a DVD of Bagpuss into the office a few weeks ago, and every Brit there got a misty look in their eyes, and the DVDs been out on loan since then.

So it takes the brilliance of Mitch Benn (yes, him on The Now Show) to list a whole litany of reasons that no matter where we go there are a few things we all hold in common.  So take it away Mr Benn:

Now if like me you listened to that, then listened again, then thought “Wow, that is hilarious, and brilliant!” there are two things you must do:

  1. Buy the single when it comes out on November 1st.  Go on, prove there is more to life than X-factor trash and urban (c)rap.
  2. Buy the  t-shirt of the song.  I just ordered mine!

On a serious note, it isn’t until you live somewhere where the only television choice is commercial (even the Public Broadcast Station which I am often told is America’s BBC has commercial breaks) and ratings rule forever that you start to truly value the gift that is Auntie Beeb.  Even with the wealth of digital cable channels at my disposal it is hard to find a BBC2 (and now BBC4), in fact most networks just resort to block scheduling and repeats, some even showing the same sequence of episodes every 6-8hrs for days on end!

So defend the BBC, you might not always choose it, but right now at least you have a choice!  Once it is gone it won’t be coming back…


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