I tell you I’m a Hobbit!

I read in the news (The Telegraph – Middle Earth protest as New Zealanders take to the streets over Hobbit plans) that Peter Jackson was considering moving the troubled production of Tolkien’s Hobbit out of New Zealand.  Outraged Antipodeans protested with banners stating “New Zealand is Middle Earth”.

This made me smile because I consider myself a bit of a hobbit, albeit a six foot tall hobbit.  Why? Well, truth be told, I’m from “the shire”, you see.  So here are some well known (and some not so well known) facts about Hobbits and their creator:

  1. Breakfast
  2. Elevensies
  3. Lunch
  4. Tea
  5. Dinner
  6. Supper

So, seeing as I was born and bred in Warwickshire and have hairy feet, I put it to you that I’m a Hobbit!


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