Remembrance Day 2010

It's not painful to put on a poppy.As the years continue to go by it is forever more important to remember those who went before, who gave their lives so that you can live yours.

I’ve spent the past week explaining to my American co-workers why I was wearing a poppy (no it doesn’t  squirt water, no it isn’t for cancer awareness) and each time it has made me recall how hard it is to explain the emotions that welled within me when I saw the memorial in my childhood village, or the one in my school’s playing fields.  The long list of names, and so many surnames repeated in first one and then the second world wars.  Since then so many more have served at home and in foreign lands, paying the ultimate sacrifice so that we can live the lives we do.

As each year passes it becomes more and more important to remember the lessons of history, to recall the service of those who protected Great Britain, and the free world, and to ensure that their sacrifice is not forgotton.

We will remember them.


One comment

  1. uphilldowndale · November 11, 2010

    Ever since, as a child I attended the services at the war memorial in the village park as a member of the Brownie Guides, it is an event that touches me, year in year out..

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