Protecting the guilty

Jon Venables looks to get away yet again.

The Telegraph – Lack of monitoring of Bulger killer allowed him to develop child porn interest

Even after being arrested for violence, cautioned for Class A drug possession, with his monitors aware of both these interactions with the police and his growing alcohol addiction they decided they’d let him stay free on licence whilst unbeknownst to them he amassed a collection of hardcore child pornography.

Venables also posed online as the mother of an eight-year-old girl offering to sell her daughter for sex, which persuaded other men to send him child pornography.

During all this time he should have been in prison for the muder he committed he was living under a new identity, provided at considerable expense by the British tax payer, just a short distance from where he committed his crime and also where the mother of his victim still lives.

He was able to swap dozens of images of child rape with other paedophiles, which he told police he regarded as “breaking the last taboo”.

To know that the courts have sentenced him to 2 years in prison for possession and distribution of child pornography, knowing that he can be released early for time on remand and good behaviour!

To know that on his release Venables will need a second new identity, which is likely to cost around £250,000. Even after he has shown contempt to the prison system and abused his first identity.

You have to ask why do we spend so much protecting the guilty when so little is spent on helping and protecting the innocent?

As an aside I watched the film “Scum” recently.  This gruesome film about life in a borstal for young offenders in 1970’s Britain brought home how different things are now.  No televisions in the cells, no molly-coddling, but we’ve not seen convictions or crime rates drop with the increase in “human rights”…


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