Kitten updates

As an alternative to my usual ranting and postulating, today I’m going to share some photos of the kittens!  Every blog needs a kitten post every once in a while…

So first up is kitten #1, Koshka.  She’s now just over 2 years old, weighs in at around 12lbs, and although she isn’t a lap cat per se she is an adorable and loving bundle of fur.  Cute habits include curling up between my keyboard and screen when I’m working from home, and following me round the house like a dog when I get home from work.  Annoying but cute habits include licking my hands and arms at about 5am most mornings and waking me up!

Koshka, a black-smoke Siberian cat with vivid yellow eyes

Click the image for more photos of Koshka.

Then we have kitten #2, Sputnik.  She’s a youngster, barely 6 months old, and weighs about 4lbs.  She is a bit of a ragdoll, and goes limp if you pick her up and start stroking her.  Her cutest trait is her little chirps and the smile in her fur that makes her look perpetually cheerful.  Her most annoying habit is her tendency to try and dominate Koshka by biting and chasing her all over the house.  As you can imagine a battle between a 4lbs kitten and a 12lbs cat tends to end rather predictably, but she keeps on pouncing on Koshka at every opportunity.

Sputnik, a classic blue tabby Siberian.

Click the image for more photos of Sputnik

Just in case you were wondering, usually they get along pretty well!

The two Siberians cuddled up sleeping



  1. catwoman99 · January 10, 2011

    Sputnik is so gorgeous, what breautiful fur and markings. I can see what you mean about the smile too.

  2. charro · July 11, 2011

    I just have to give you props for spelling “per se” properly. Not that I thought you were the type to not, just that I see it do rarely on the interwebs..

  3. Stephanie · December 19, 2011

    I found your blog while searching for images of “black Siberian cats”.

    I have a black Siberian named Koshka too!

    And here I thought I was being clever. 🙂

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