A Birthday Thought

They say that fifty is the new thirty,
Forty the new twenty-five,
I say that those are just numbers,
Be glad for each day you’re alive.

I’ve known those that were old by their twenties,
And ninety year old tennis freaks,
Because life is about how you live it,
Not a matter of years, months, and weeks.

So get out there, enjoy each new moment,
Take time to laugh, dance, and sing,
Play, keep you mind fit, eat healthy,
And ignore the pointless age thing!

This is for all my friends who I value for who they are not how long they’ve been around!


One comment

  1. Fuyuko Nekoyama · February 4, 2011

    Hello, Bardsworld,
    I visit your blog periodically.
    I was impressed with your take on aging. That’s a very encouraging message for readers.
    Fuyuko Nekoyama

    Could you delete my previous post, please?

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