Bee-ing on time

I’ve been fascinated by bees for many years.  Whether it has been friend’s hives, or just hives I’ve come across when on walks out and about I’ve always loved the hum and the single mindedness of bees.  Growing up in rural Warwickshire bumble bees were a common occurrence in the garden, and my parents orchard would buzz to drunk bees and wasps in the autumn as the late arrivals took advantage of the fermenting wind-fallen apples.

Today I’m finally taking a step towards a further understanding of bees, because today I start my bee keeping classes.  This is a beginners course being run by the Bee Keepers Association of Northern Virginia and every Saturday for the next eight weeks I’ll be dragging myself to a classroom bright and early to learn the fundamentals of this ancient craft.

I’ll post more as the classes progress, and who knows… maybe by autumn I’ll have honey of my own!


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