What happened to national pride?

I’m British, an expat, and I’m feeling disgusted with some aspects of my country today. For why? Just read the following:

War dead to be driven down side streets to avoid the public

The day after Armed Forces Day when Britain is meant to come together and show its respect to the men and women of our military this gets announced.  After the exemplary support shown by Royal Wootton Bassett, who have lined the streets to show their condolences and respect for those making the final journey home, they police and MOD decide it is better to hide their sacrifice from the general public.  Disgusting!

Swearing at police not an offence

Yet more ridiculous and dangerous restrictions put on the under equipped, under paid, and under valued men and women of Britain’s police forces.  Their own management suggests they will not be supported legally for taking any action because:

“The courts do not accept police officers are caused harassment, alarm or distress by words such as: f—, c—, b—–ks, w—–s.”

Then to add insult to injury they are advised:

It also informs officers that to place someone in handcuffs “for officer safety” is “not sufficient” and “we can handcuff anyone but we must be able to justify it”.

So the safety of the officers themselves is rated less important than the rights of the drunk and violent scum who want a fight.

This is a travesty, and empowers those who least deserve any respect to act how they like towards the police, putting both officers and the general public in danger.  If a police officer swears at a member of the public after being spat/punched/assaulted by them they are lambasted in the press, harassed by the courts, and potentially lose their jobs, it all seems stacked in the criminals favour.  I wonder what ‘the guv‘ will have to say!

Anger as Mohammed Fayed burns Harrods royal warrants

The film is a disgusting personal project to defame those who cannot defend themselves.  Even though his court cases have been found without grounds, and the fact that all evidence (including his own) points to the fact that the greater part of any culpability rests with him, his son, and his employees, Mr Fayed just doesn’t stop.

I wonder if he will return the millions of pounds worth of profits he made while trading with those royal warrants, since all his wealth is tainted by association with those he calls a “Nazi”?

I have to agree however, that however spiteful this public act was, I agree with Hugo Vickers, the Royal historian and author, when he said:

“It does seem vindictive and in very bad taste to burn the warrants but I suppose it’s up to him. He was the shopkeeper.”

Mr Fayed was just a shopkeeper, and he no longer owns the shop, or the warrants, his many attempts over the years to bribe and harass the authorities into granting him a British passport have failed, and so good riddance to him.

Ah, I feel better to have ranted a little now, but come on Britain, can we find common sense once more?


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