I’ve been commuting…

So when I’m not posting here I’ve been working, and to get to work involves a commute of just under 25 miles.  Most of this is along dual carriageway (two lane divided highway for those in the US) and so common sense says it should take a smidge over half an hour to complete the journey.  Unfortunately here in NoVA nothing is that simple, and school buses, rush hour traffic, poorly timed traffic lights and a few drops of rain can transform this into a march of over an hour.  My record commute currently stands at just under 3 hours due to snow and crashes, so by some standards today’s wasn’t that bad.

Anyway, enough of my moaning, here are two videos of my commute, one in ideal circumstances at around 7am, and the other under far from ideal circumstances starting out at about 8:10am!

Okay, so this started out as a tech demo to try out 720p time lapse with a GoPro Hero HD camera, but now I’m hooked!


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