My take on Occupy and St Paul’s Cathedral

A quick thought as I read that Occupy have been evicted from St Paul’s Cathedral after their 4 month siege.

Just think of the money that could have been spared for essential services that was instead wasted defending the pointless legal challenges, ensuring human rights and social services were provided to the protestors, and policing the event.  Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of pounds wasted to allow a tiny fraction of a percentage of the population to claim they represented those who would foot the bill.


The Telegraph website has quoted that:

The total cost to the City of London Corporation of policing the protest is believed to be less than £1 million, with taxpayers footing almost £600,000 of that cost.

So with legal costs, and other expenses not paid for by the City the sum funded by the taxpayer will easily be over £1 million


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