My favourite video game music!

So I’m turning 40, and I decided to make a list of pop music for the years of my life.  That was a fun exercise but then my wife challenged me and said “So what about video game music?”

So here we go, in chronological order 🙂

1986 – Glider Rider on Spectrum, music main themes by David Whittaker

An extremely difficult game but a catchy soundtrack kept me trying for hours!

1993 – The 7th Guest on PC, music Skeletons In My Closet by George “The Fat Man” Sanger

If you completed the game, this was what you heard as the final credits scrolled!

1994 – Final Fantasy VI on Nintendo, music Techno De Chocobo by Nobuo Uematsu

A brilliant theme, and always brings back memories of Moogles!

1996 – Super Mario 64 on Nintendo, music Water Theme by Koji Kondo

It is impossible to talk about game music without mentioning the incredible Koji Kondo.  This is arguably my favourite piece of game music of all time!

2000 – SSX on PS2, music ALL OF IT!

The soundtrack to this game still gets played!

I’m still a huge fan of Song For Dot!

2001 – ICO on PS2, music by Michiru Oshima, Koichi Yamazaki, Mitsukuni Murayama

This game was magical, unbelievably beautiful, and used sound and music brilliantly!

Here are some examples from the trailer, showing environmental sounds and music combined.

2001 – Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec on PS2, music Just A Day by Feeder

When Gran Turismo started having some seriously epic soundtracks!

2008 – Gran Turismo 5 Prologue on PS3, music Automatic (LA Riots remix) by Wheezer

The GT5 Prologue theme that you just sat and watched because it was so exciting!

2008 – Little Big Planet on PS3, music Get It Together by The Go! Team

Almost every piece of music in this adorable game was brilliant but this was my favourite!


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