At the Alte Nationalgalerie

I went for a wander around the Alte Nationalgalerie this afternoon. Normally I wander from room to room, finding works I find inspirational or beautiful, and I become overwhelmed. By the time I leave I’m lucky if I remember a single name of an artist, let alone a painting. So this time I did something different, I took notes as I went.

So here are my favourite works currently on display at Berlin’s Alte Nationalgalerie!

John Constable, Mill on the river stour, the gate invites you in to this peaceful, bucolic scene.

Gustave Courbet, the wave, the dark power of this image is incredible.

Anton von Werner, Im Etappenquartier vor Paris,the light! This painting sparkles like crystal from its own candle light!

Franz von Stuck, Tilla Durieux depicting Circe, her expression and the contrast of the vibrant red of her hair and the colours of her dress.

Franz von Stuck, Tilla Durieux depicting Circe

Carl Schuch, Toter Fuchs, the fox fur looks like you could reach out and stroke it.

Hans Thoma, Sommer, the blue of the sky is magical. This scan does not do it justice.

Karl Buchholz, Frühling auf dem Dorf, you can hear the birdsong just looking at this picture.


Franz von Lenbach, Lady Curzon (study), her eyes, her expression. You almost expect her to suddenly step out of this sketched study.

Gustav Spangenberg, Der Zug des Todes, haunting, terrifying, and magical all at once. The train of death!

Karl Friedrich Schinkel, Der Morgen, the light again is unbelievable. The sun rising behind a copse of trees is captured brilliantly, and stops the viewer in their tracks!


Karl Friedrich Schinkel, Schloß am Strom, the stag, the castle, the water, the light. Amazing!

What amazed me was what didn’t make the list; the cast of Rodin’s The Thinker, works by Monet, Degas, Renoir. Don’t get me wrong, they are beautiful and I stand and gaze at them in wonder but they don’t seem to stop me in my tracks like these images did today.



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