A fix for Wi-Fi Cycling on the Samsung Galaxy S5

My Samsung Galaxy S5 has never been the most robust phone around. The battery never kept a charge too long, and the idea of having the “location” services switched on for more than when they were essential was a luxury I could not afford.

Recently I noticed the battery performance had changed again. My phone was running hot, and the battery life crashing from fully charged to less than 30% in a matter of an hour or two. At home all seemed fine, but if I went out the phone would rapidly fade on me. It turned out that when I switched off the wi-fi because I was away from my home network the wi-fi was cycling itself on and off about once every 4 seconds. This constant activity was causing the heat and drop in battery performance.

Most searches suggested a factory reset, or clearing the cache, which seemed over the top or inappropriate. However, after a dig through Reddit for a few minutes I found the answer in the thread “Is my Samsung Galaxy S5 fried? (Wi-Fi on/off loop)“.

As I’d stated at the start, I keep “Location” switched off, but do have the “Improved Accuracy” setting “Wi-Fi Scanning” checked. Now until recently this would only become a factor if location services were enabled, but for whatever reason (an app update, some background system update, etc.) this service is now activiated even if lcoation is switched off.

So to fix the problem go to: Settings – Location – Improve Accuracy = Wi-Fi Scanning and disable Wi-Fi Scanning. This should stop the wi-fi scanning occurring even when the location services are off.




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