Bonfire Night for a Warwickshire lad!

Warwickshire-born Robert Catesby led the group of Roman Catholic activists that famously failed to blow up the Houses of Parliament in November 1605. His family on his mother's side were descended from Sir Robert Throckmorton of Coughton, and as the plot progressed he convinced Everard Digby to rent Coughton Court "the better to be able to …

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My take on Occupy and St Paul’s Cathedral

A quick thought as I read that Occupy have been evicted from St Paul's Cathedral after their 4 month siege. Just think of the money that could have been spared for essential services that was instead wasted defending the pointless legal challenges, ensuring human rights and social services were provided to the protestors, and policing …

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Outdoor safety, avalanches and smartphones

Smartphones are everywhere these days, and they're replacing our cameras, diaries, address books, maps, GPS, and many other things in an easy hand-held unit.  We take them everywhere, and wherever we may be we know communication is but a swipe of the finger away. Listening to a podcast recently (on my phone) I learned how …

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