Count TheSteps (a work in progress)

I was tidying up the laundry, When I caught him unawares, He was hanging from the rafters, The vampire under the stairs. Nobody knows how he got there, And nobody really cares, But it isn’t normal to be able to say, There’s a vampire under the stairs.



I'll write you a rhyme about mice, the words will flow out in a trice, there won't be a trick, to this limerick, but I'll charge an exorbitant price!

My Cat

My cat, she isn't very smart, She really isn't clever, She knows nothing of stocks and shares, And can't predict the weather. She doesn't ride a motorbike, In fact she's quite a bore, Doing whatever she likes, And purring more and more. A quick rhyme about my adorable, fur-brained, snuggle buddy!


The sky's not blue, it's really black, And the sea reflects the sky, Nothing is what it seems to be, And all the world's a lie. A little rhyme that entered my head after hearing a child on the tram challenge that the sky was not really blue because it was black at night!