WikiLeaks, freedom, and the battle of words

WikiLeaks cyberwar: Hackers bring down Swedish government site (The Telegraph). Now that is a headline to grab your attention with those glitzy buzzwords "cyberwar" and "hackers".  Even Carole Theriault, a senior security consultant at Sophos, a multi-national computer security firm, is quoted as saying: If the big companies weren't locking down their information before, they're …

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Protecting the guilty

Jon Venables looks to get away yet again. The Telegraph - Lack of monitoring of Bulger killer allowed him to develop child porn interest Even after being arrested for violence, cautioned for Class A drug possession, with his monitors aware of both these interactions with the police and his growing alcohol addiction they decided they'd …

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Raoul Moat, Facebook, and Freedom of Speech

Story updated - scroll to the finish for the latest news. ****** I read this in The Telegraph today - Facebook defies David Camron and keeps Moat tribute page. I became quite angry reading the article and posted the following on Facebook: Guess this shows all Facebook security and privacy policies are worthless, thousands have …

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