The days add up

As I lay awake at 3am this morning a thought slowly drifted into my sleep addled brain. "You're 42" it said, "and you left the UK in 2003, fourteen years ago." Great, my brain was throwing numbers at me instead of sleeping, and it's a persistent thing. "You do realise 14 is a third of …

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At the Alte Nationalgalerie

I went for a wander around the Alte Nationalgalerie this afternoon. Normally I wander from room to room, finding works I find inspirational or beautiful, and I become overwhelmed. By the time I leave I'm lucky if I remember a single name of an artist, let alone a painting. So this time I did something …

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Bonfire Night for a Warwickshire lad!

Warwickshire-born Robert Catesby led the group of Roman Catholic activists that famously failed to blow up the Houses of Parliament in November 1605. His family on his mother's side were descended from Sir Robert Throckmorton of Coughton, and as the plot progressed he convinced Everard Digby to rent Coughton Court "the better to be able to …

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