My take on Occupy and St Paul’s Cathedral

A quick thought as I read that Occupy have been evicted from St Paul's Cathedral after their 4 month siege. Just think of the money that could have been spared for essential services that was instead wasted defending the pointless legal challenges, ensuring human rights and social services were provided to the protestors, and policing …

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Don’t Stop The Music!

Worrying news that Peter Mandelson (I still hate calling him The Business Secretary) and one of his departments are changing music licensing to remove the PPL exemption that allows music to be played by charity groups. The Business Secretary is abolishing an exemption for charities from music licensing rules – hitting them with huge bills …

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MSPs and The Queen’s trip to Holyrood

50 MSPs (Members of the Scottish Parliament) snubbed the Queen by not attending her address to the Scottish Parliament to recognise and celebrate 10 years of devolution.  One of these wonderful characters, a Christine Grahame (Scottish Nationalist Party for Scotland South), stated she stayed away to work on email: "I'm earning and working for my …

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