School sponsored bullying

I don't like bullying.   I was bullied and it has had a lasting effect on me, and so when I see bullying in life, the workplace, or in the news, it tends to touch me deeply and wind me up.  So I'm infuriated by the idiotic, criminal actions of a certain Mississippi school.  If you …

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What price anonymity?

I'm feeling confused, I've just read two newspaper articles regarding legal proceedings and both had issues with the anonymity or the lack thereof for the criminals involved.  Before I move on I'll let you see the quotes and link to the articles. The first quotation is: Mr Justice Keith handed down an indeterminate sentence on …

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Bullying, too shocking for TV?

In a world where children's television is awash with violent cartoons and karate chopping super heros, and where news reports frequently talk about children pushed to commit suicide by persistent bullies, it surprise me that this very simple, and direct advert is considered "too shocking for television". Reporting bullies to a responsible adult, or a …

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