Snow in Great Britain

I saw the following image in several news articles, but decided to go direct to the source to get a clearer image.  So if you click on the picture below the image will load to a resolution of  1 pixel being equal to 250 metres, courtesy of NASA/GSFC, MODIS Rapid Response. It is a truly …

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England 2008 – we’ve arrived

Been a busy few days, after working in the office most of Wednesday we got to Dulles under heavy skies in the late afternoon.  Now I'm sat in sunshine in England, enjoying the accents on the BBC, and the good news that this afternoon's wedding will be illuminated by glorious sunshine and warm temperatures up …

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Go down the pub!

Apparently village pubs are in crisis with nearly four closing a day due to the lowest beer sales since the Great Depression of the 1930s and spiralling running costs, it has been claimed. Read the full story in the Telegraph here... ...then get down the pub and support your local, and your local community.