Number 10’s response to the ecotown petition

I've just recieved the email link to Number 10's response to the petition initiated by BARD on the Number 10 website.  This website was launched with much joy and gusto to allow the people to communicate directly with the driving forces of New Labour.  It was billed as a way to have the feelings of …

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Jaqui Smith and the ID cards fiasco

David Blunkett, the man who came up with Labour's terrible ID card scheme, has admitted it is a mistake (See previous post) but even this is not enough to convince Jaqui Smith to stop wasting the tax payers money.  Then again, why should she since she isn't exactly known for fiscal good behaviour!  Her reasoning …

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unfair, illogical and unreasonable

Those three words were used by John Steele QC to describe the Gordon Brown's "eco-town" policy.  As I long time supporter of the BARD Campaign I read with interest the latest stumbling block for New Labour's forced destruction of rural communities: The Telegraph - Gordon Brown's controversial eco-town plan could be unlawful, according to top …

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