Foxhunting still being debated

"After 13 years of discussing and debating this issue I found it impossible to ignore the truth and facts about hunting. I have come to despise the League Against Cruel Sports, even though I was its Chairman and Chief Executive, simply because these people know as well as I do that the abolition of hunting …

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Join the BARD

If you've heard about the eco-town development planned for Long Marston (the developers want you to call it 'Middle Quinton' but trust me, it isn't!), and are feeling dismayed don't be alone. Not only have Stratford District Council come out against the proposal, but there is also now a campaign supported by the Campaign to …

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Go down the pub!

Apparently village pubs are in crisis with nearly four closing a day due to the lowest beer sales since the Great Depression of the 1930s and spiralling running costs, it has been claimed. Read the full story in the Telegraph here... ...then get down the pub and support your local, and your local community.