Short Week – Grey Day

With Labor Day making this a short week you'd think things would be easy, but no this Tuesday is a Monday and a steely grey sky glowers at those of us toiling in the office.


It is cold!

I know I spoke on Sunday about the changable weather we get here in Virginia, well now I'm at it again.  This post is strictly in centigrade because that is how my brain works. Sunday was warm, actually we had a recorded high of 17 centigrade in Springfield, on the same day the recorded low …

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Tornado, Storms hit northern VA

If you've never heard a Tornado Warning, it sounds a bit like this... First the radio station you are listening to suddenly goes silent, then a metalic buzzer sounds three times, pauses, then buzzes thrice more. A computerized, disembodied voice announces that the emergency broadcast system has been activated "for YOUR area" which always makes …

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